A New Adventure Everyday by David Silberkleit

//A New Adventure Everyday by David Silberkleit

A New Adventure Everyday by David Silberkleit

new adventureWhen we consider the concept of adventure, the images we form in our mind’s eye may be those of exotic, even risky experiences like trekking through the jungle on safari or white water rafting on the Zambezi River.

David Silberkleit, author of A New Adventure Every Day, tells us that adventure is not defined by how unique or dangerous our experiences are, but by the attitude we have towards them.  That means we don’t have to jump out of a plane or go on a world tour to enjoy adventure. Adventure can be found everywhere in our everyday lives – in the people we meet and in the stimuli all around us in every aspect of our lives.  To realize it, we must not only think outside the box – we have to STEP outside of it. That’s when we’ll truly be able to live life with pizzazz!

In his book, Mr. Silberkleit, a Master Certified Life Coach, relates how his realization about the nature of adventure came upon him as he was touring through Europe.  It didn’t matter what city or countryside he visited.  What he was excited by was the people he met and the unforgettable sights he had seen. He realized his ability to find adventure had nothing to do with where he was going or how he got there – it had all to do with his attitude about it.

According to the author, finding adventure is all about trying new things or new ways to do the “usual” things; changing old behavior patterns, opening yourself up in your relationships and communicating more expressively; viewing possibilities in a more positive and passionate way – all of which can create lots more adventure, fun and excitement in your everyday life.

Adventure doesn’t have to happen only on special occasions, like your annual vacation.  Mr. Silberkleit offers 541 ways you can have adventurous experiences every day of the year utilizing the readily available resources and inspirations in your immediate environment.

The author hits upon the major arenas of our life such as, home environment, relationships, health and fitness, career, financial considerations and nature in providing activities and challenges we can practice to get into “adventure” mode.

A New Adventure Every Day is a great guide and reference source to help you tap into the joy, energy, fun and adventure you can experience no matter where you may be!

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