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The best way to CONTROL Your Health Care COSTS is a Healthy Care STRATEGY, Not Health Insurance

What would you say about a health care strategy that…

  • Allows you to take control of your medical care

  • Offers a comprehensive program that meets ALL your health care needs

  • Thinks outside the box, supporting a ‘healthy care’ solution

  • Is ACA compliant

  • Costs 30% to 50% less than the insurance you now have

Health insurance and health sharing ONLY support you when your health is compromised. What about a Healthy Care Strategy that helps you Avoid health issues first and Contain costs if a health issue arises?  Do you want to be healthy and feel great throughout your lifetime?  If you do have a medical need, do you want to control your health care with the flexibility to see ANY doctor, ANYWHERE you choose?  Are you looking for a Healthy Care Strategy offered at a low, stable price?

         Learn What a True Healthy Care Strategy Can Do for YOU!

Health Excellence Plus Health Sharing Plan

Customized to your needs

health care strategyChoose from five different Health Excellence Plus program options, each designed with your particular needs in mind.

Whether your health care style is hands-on self-care, traditionally insurance-based or you prefer services being totally managed for you, we’ve got a program right in your comfort zone!

Each of these programs is priced 30% to 50% lower than most traditional health insurance plans, yet offer you the most comprehensive health care assistance and support available today.

Healthy strategy essentials

The Health Excellence Plus program’s healthy strategy includes five complementary components that correspond to every aspect of your health care, providing you with the ultimate in assistance and protection, from wellness management to large medical needs.

What the Health Professionals are saying…

“This is the best health approach I have seen in over 40 years of being a doctor. I think it’s timely and I wholeheartedly endorse it.”

Robert Gergely, MD, Beverly Hills, CA , 42 Years of Experience; Specialties Include OB/GYN

“In my 36 years of practicing law as ‘The Vitamin Lawyer’ I’ve seen many efforts to bring healthcare into the modern world. This is the best I’ve ever seen.”

Ralph Fucetola, JD, Vitamin Lawyer

“Up to this point insurance and health insurance have only collaborated on reimbursement and not on health! Thank You, Health Excellence Plus, for changing this paradigm and understanding that health is the key to what is inherently missing in the insurance model – not coverage.” 

“A viable alternative to the expensive and limited choices that Obamacare has given us!”

“One of the tragedies of the modern medical system is that the public arena has been dominated by the idea that healthcare equals health insurance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Approaches such as those promoted by Health Excellence Plus bring the focus back to healthy living. Personal choice underlines healthy living. Health Excellence Plus, by combining healthy living with the power of the Sedera medical cost sharing community puts the consumer right back where they belong in the health care debate, namely in the driver’s seat!”

Tony Dale , Founder of Sedera Health

“What if we could find help staying healthier, paying less for essential medical and hospital insurance, set aside money for medical care spending, and have help when needed to negotiate prices with a medical or hospital provider? Even better, what if others would pitch in to help us pay for unforeseen, catastrophic healthcare events? This is not too good to be true, because the folks at Health Excellence Plus have put this all together, and the best news is it’s affordable.”

“Not quite insurance, not quite health savings, this program has seen my family through a range of illnesses, from minor and temporary to significant ongoing, to ensure that our medical costs did not affect our lifestyle. I am so thankful to have found Joan and Jacque, because the HEP solution is exactly what American families need. It’s affordable, effective, and practical.”

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