Diets Make You Fat! Turn your body into a fat burning machine

//Diets Make You Fat! Turn your body into a fat burning machine

Diets Make You Fat! Turn your body into a fat burning machine

ageLOC TR90Whoa, hold on a minute, diets make you fat?  The answer is a hot YES!  For most of us who diet improperly, losing weight and then gaining it all back again is all too familiar.  When we lose weight on a trendy diet, we not only loose some weight from fat – the enemy- but we also lose muscle mass – our friend.   This promotes a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting which damages our metabolism and leads to less efficient calorie burn post diet.  The result is we gain all our weight back and MORE.  Sound familiar?

How do diets make you fat?

Most of us diet improperly. We cut our calories way back until our body thinks it is experiencing starvation and goes into a state of very low metabolism as an act of self-preservation. We continue to deprive our bodies of needed calories (and proper nutrition) and we start to burn not only fat, but also our own muscle for fuel.  Muscle is the most important body tissue to maintain normal metabolism.  This further shuts down our metabolism. By the time we stop the diet, exhausted and miserable, we have extinguished our metabolism and have set ourselves up to gain even more weight because our body’s engine is no longer working. A great description of this process is explained in this short video.

What is the right diet for long-term weight loss?

If you do a quick Google search for “dieting for weight loss” you will find hundreds of diets all proclaiming to be the Holy Grail. What we know for sure is that not everyone will respond the same to every diet. Your age, your gender, your level of activity and your genes all contribute to your success or failure. Increasing your activity levels will definitely help.  Eliminating sugar is the best tip, but it sure isn’t easy to lose those cravings.  No matter who you are eliminating processed foods (high in refined carbs) or avoiding straight up sugar from soda, JUICE, gatorade – basically anything liquid containing sugar, will set the stage for weight loss.  Adding fiber that only comes from eating real food helps as well.

Are your genes your destiny?

You can’t do much about your age or gender but what about your genes?  Most of us think we are “destined” to be fat, have high blood pressure, or get diabetes if we have a family history.   The truth is our genes are not our destiny! Gene expression is controlled up to 80% by our diet, lifestyle and environmental exposure to toxins.  That’s good news because it means we are in control of our destiny, not our genes.

ageLOC TR90

There are several weight management programs designed to harness the power of your genes and aid in the body reshaping process.  One is called ageLOC TR90.  It is a 90 day body reshaping program.  This is NOT a weight loss program, although many will lose weight.  Wait, why is is not a weight loss program?

Consider the image of Diane, who before she started the program weighed 155 pounds.  You see a lot of fat around the middle and some generalized subcutaneous fat.  After 90 days she still weighs 155 pounds- so her BMI did not change, but would you agree that she has changed her body shape and health risks?  She lowered her visceral fat level (the unhealthy fat around our middle where the vital organs live) by 2%.  To understand visceral fat, check out this short clip from an episode of The Doctors.

What is ageLOC TR90?  

ageLOC TR90 is a breakthrough body shaping and weight management program, based on highly innovative gene expression science, that unifies your mind and body – for a leaner, younger looking you.  This comprehensive program consists of state of the art supplements designed to promote fat burning by up regulating the fat burning genes. It also decreases cravings by up regulating the genes in our brains that control satiety and mood.  The program also provides healthy shakes and a simple eating plan that will turn your body into a fat burning machine.  Unlike most diets, following the TR90 program for 90 days will completely change the way you look and feel.  And most importantly you will fuel your metabolism by sparing lean muscle mass guaranteeing you won’t gain the fat back when you return to normal, healthy eating.

How do I get started?


We recommend you buy an Omron scale ($69 on Amazon) because it allows you to keep track of your visceral fat, muscle mass and body fat composition.  It also tracks BMI (which is a totally worthless measurement as we have discussed) and weight which we also don’t believe is an good tool for measuring success, but it is part of the scale.  As you can see from this image, weight is irrelevant as muscle weighs more per area than fat.  Would you rather be 123 pounds of skinny fat or 137 pounds of healthy, fit and lean muscle?  So don’t rely on the scale alone to get the body you want!

ageLOC TR90
Get a flexible tape measure also so you can track your success in inches as you progress through your 90 day reset to health and a younger looking you.  And most important of all, get yourself into the right mindset.  It did not take a week to get your body in its current shape.  It will take 90 days to safely and effectively reshape your body and protect your metabolism.

Learn how to turn your body into a fat burning machine.  All Wellness Works Group clients receive wholesale pricing on TR90.

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