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Do you feel like your practice is running you?

Is your enjoyment as a health care professional eroding?

Are you tired of just treating your patients’ symptoms with unsustainable results?

Do you wish there was a better way, but don’t know where to start?


A Turnkey Wellness Program for Health Care Professionals

Introducing an evidence based, turn key wellness program with a clinically proven, non-invasive measurement of nutritional health.   Improve the lives of your patients with holistic medicine and practical lifestyle modification.

Learn more from this short video and let us show you how easy it is to get started today!

The Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is a unique tool that non-invasively measures carotenoids levels in skin tissues using the long-accepted science of Raman Spectroscopy. By simply placing the palm of the hand in front of the Scanner’s low-energy blue light, it is possible to obtain accurate antioxidant status within seconds.

Carotenoids are organic pigments found in fruits and vegetables that are primarily responsible for giving them their red, orange and yellow colors. The more colorful fruits and vegetables you eat, the more carotenoids you give to your body, the higher your Skin carotenoid score will be.  This correlates to lower oxidative stress and less free radical damage, two of the most powerful drivers of chronic disease and premature aging.

Identifying your patients’ nutritional deficiencies encourages discussions that can significantly impact your patients’ response to treatment, minimize future illness and identify you as a wellness leader in your community.

Would you like to create a culture of wellbeing in your practice while increasing your revenue without compromising your integrity ?

Would you like to create an additional revenue stream by working smarter, not harder?

Do your patients ask you which vitamins they should take and you wish you knew what to recommend?

Have you considered the thousands of dollars your patients spend on supplements, and how you might “re-direct” that spending through your practice?

Would you invest $3400 in a stock today if you knew it would return $50,000 at the end of the year? A $3,400 investment in this program can provide a 750% return on investment.

Health Care Professionals speak…

“My belief is that Pharmanex provides a superior product line, with established validation achieved from leading industry R&D, quality controls achieved through proper scientific rigor, and material and vendor sourcing that insure the highest of product quality.  The corporate responsibility of Pharmanex is impressive, and in complete alignment with our corporate philosophy.”

Ankur Seth, MD, Chief Medical Officer of McWilliams Collective, Works around the world in the healthcare industry

“The S3 Scanner along with LifepakNano and Ageloc is the answer to many people’s prayers.  It is a fantastic base for patients to begin their path towards wellness.  I feel like I finally have the science validating what I have been saying for years.”

Dale Bartoszek, RN, BSN, Nutritional Counselor and Wellness Practitioner

“Having been a OB/GYN for 30 years, I have been looking for the best supplements for my patients in all phases of their life.  The Pharmanex products are of the highest quality and validation.  But it is the scanner that makes this wellness program work.  Being able to scientifically validate if they are working for my patients gives me the utmost confidence that I am prescribing the right products every time.”

Dr. David Feld, MD

“When I was presented with the S3 Scanner and the Pharmanex line of nutritional products by a colleague, I was intrigued enough to make the trip to Provo with one of my staff members.  All of our questions were addressed at the HCP Forum and it was great to meet other Healthcare Professionals and entrepreneurs with similar interests in improving care for their patients, friends, and family.  After reviewing the published research related to eye health and antioxidants, the decision to join then Pharmanex team was an easy one.”

Dr. Robert Mitchell, OD

“Nutritional assessment and supplementation are not new to dentistry. Inexpensive risk assessment provides a reliable indicator of susceptibility based on a medical and dental profile collected at examination. This is invaluable information to reduce risk factors and improve treatment outcomes.”

Ross Lambert, DMD

“Having worked as a Board Certified Wound Specialist for 20 years; Being able to have a biomarker to measure antioxidant levels and having scientifically proven products to increase that biomarker is a game changer for wound healing and overall patient health.”

Scott Giaimo, DPM

Isn’t it time to promote health and wellness in your practice?
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