Improving Sleep – A guide to a good night’s rest

//Improving Sleep – A guide to a good night’s rest

Improving Sleep – A guide to a good night’s rest

improving sleepThere are myriad reasons possible for not being able to get that “shut-eye” we all seek on a nightly basis.  This Harvard Medical School special health report, by Dr. Lawrence Epstein, provides an impressively thorough treatise on this subject, beginning with the statistic issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is, approximately seventy million Americans suffer from chronic sleep issues. Whether the cause is as simple as staying up too late, watching T.V. or logging in to the computer, or more complex, such as a chronic sleep disorder, as many as one in three Americans sleep less than six hours a night.

Dr. Epstein alerts us to the realization that, in general, we don’t tend to take poor sleeping habits as seriously as we should, all too often, allowing our lack of adequate sleep to go unchecked.  For example, we consider people fortunate who can fall asleep anywhere at any time.  That is not, however, a normal sleep behavior pattern and, in fact, that person may have a chronic sleep disorder that is adversely affecting his/ her health.

Dr. Epstein furthers this point by explaining how the sleep process actually functions and the important ways in which sleep benefits the different systems of the body.  Conversely, he shows us how sleep deprivation on a long-term basis triggers serious health risks and medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, mental illness, viral infections and weight gain.

This report moves through all of the medical conditions that disrupt sleep, giving us an in-depth look at specific disorders including insomnia, breathing disorders, snoring, sleep apnea, movement disorders and behaviors (parasomnias), narcolepsy and more.

Dr. Epstein describes the process of sleep testing and how it helps diagnose a particular sleep disorder or condition.  This report takes an honest look at the sleep therapies and medications utilized for a given chronic sleep disorder, noting which of these have been shown to work, as well as those that have not shown much efficacy in resolving the sleep disorder for which they were designed.  Helpful charts are included detailing medications, their efficacy for a given condition and their potential side effects.

Additionally, a special section on practical tips for sounder sleep is included, offering recommendations for lifestyle changes and sleep hygiene habits that could make all the difference for some!

Improving Sleep – A guide to a good night’s rest, is well-crafted, consumer-friendly reading that takes care of all the general “Q & A” about sleep you may require.

It reveals some surprising facts you’ll want to know about medical misdiagnosis of particular physical symptoms – especially if you need to seek medical services for such symptoms.


If you or anyone you know has problems with getting adequate sleep, this book is a treasure trove of practical information. To learn more, Click here.

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