Making a good brain great, Daniel Amen, MD

//Making a good brain great, Daniel Amen, MD

Making a good brain great, Daniel Amen, MD

brain healthSome of you may notice that we spend a fair amount of time researching and educating on the topic of brain health.  We believe it is with good reason – when our brain works right, WE work right. Unfortunately, we unknowingly endanger and injure our brains, stress them by working at a frenzied pace, deny ourselves adequate sleep, pollute them with toxins and deprive them of nutrients. Is it any wonder that Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive decline are the sixth leading cause of death in the US, taking the lives of one out of three seniors at a cost of nearly 8 trillion dollars!?  What makes this incomprehensible is the fact that it is largely preventable.

We believe this review is timely given this month’s healthy habit is addressing addictive behaviors which strongly impact our brain health.  Dr. Amen demonstrates how important it is for us to take personal responsibility for our lifestyle choices in order to keep our brain functioning optimally.

Luckily, it is never too late to start nursing your brain back to health.  Based on his years of cutting-edge neuroscience research, he teaches how to improve brain health in as little as 15 days.  He illustrates what to do to have the healthiest brain possible sharing tips on:

  • Eating right to think right
  • Protecting your brain from injuries and toxic substances
  • Nourishing your brain with vitamins & minerals, and to do mental workouts to keep it strong
  • Exercising for brain health and which kinds work best
  • Ridding our brain of negative thought, counteracting stress and much more

Having lost a mother to Alzheimer’s disease, this book gave me hope that I do not have to suffer to a similar demise.  We hope this book review will give you the inspiration, hope and tools to live a long, productive life.  Remember, it is never to late to start – you just need to take that first step.  Cheers to your brain health!

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