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Quiet Your Mind

For many years we’ve perceived wellness as a physical state of being you achieved if you ate healthy food, got enough sleep and got some exercise on a fairly regular basis.  But, through years of research, we’ve come to understand that a major area of wellness centers on the mind: how it responds to different stimuli and how those responses can affect body function.

The Mayo Clinic includes “quieting your mind” as one of its important 12 habits, and for good reason – actually 5 good reasons!

Let’s first consider the problem.  Currently, depending, of course, on where we live and work, our surrounding physical environment is noisier than ever, our schedules are brimming with activities, plans and tasks we’re constantly worried won’t get completed fast enough – if ever, and we’re stuck like glue to our screens and phones for fear we’ll miss something important (maybe we should re-visit the definition of important).  Through numerous study results, it’s not so surprising to learn that we spend half of our day distracted.  All of this mind-wandering, deliberating, problem-solving, organizing, etc., can bring about stress, confusion, frustration and even depression – just to name a few health hazards in-the-making.

 The Mayo Clinic describes meditation as a group of practices that train the mind to be more focused and relaxed, as well as more compassionate and less judgmental.  ‘Mindfulness’ is a form of meditation that focuses specifically on the present, i.e., that which you are feeling or sensing in each moment.  Mindfulness can be a very effective tool in reducing stress, increasing self-awareness and bringing an overall sense of calm to everyday life.

 In addition to helping you more fully engage in the world around you, reducing pain and improving your quality of life, quieting your mind has the following science-supported benefits:

 Improves Memory

  1. Stimulates Brain Growth
  2. Relieves Stress
  3. Fights Insomnia
  4. Heightens Sensitivity

To learn more about the benefits of quieting your mind, as well as how to go about practicing ‘mindfulness’, check out our Wellfit Community blogs in the Group, The 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People.

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