The Dental Diet by Dr. Steven Lin

//The Dental Diet by Dr. Steven Lin

The Dental Diet by Dr. Steven Lin



Teeth are often considered the marker of health, attractiveness, success and even happiness.  Yet our approach to dental care as bene wrought with fear, financial burden and often segregated from other parts of the body.  We have known for years that oral health echoes our overall well-being, but in Dr. Steven Lin’s book, The Dental Diet, he teach us that dental health is the foundation for our physical health.


Dr. Steven Lin is an experienced dentist and the world’s leading dental nutritionist.  He has forged a new outlook to reshape our perception of dental disease.  He has developed a food-based approach  and lays out a dietary program that prevents painful cavities and dental treatment.   He even gives you resources to raise kids who will develop naturally straight teeth. Imagine not needing to put your kids in braces!

His 40-day meal plan (full of delicious and healthy recipes) is complete with the Dental Diet food pyramid, exercises for the mouth, and cooking techniques to help you easily and successfully implement these practices in your everyday life. Since our mouth is the gatekeeper of our entire body, keeping it healthy is essential for creating and maintaining a healthy and wholesome self.  The tools to improve overall wellness levels and reverse disease are closer than we think – in our markets, in our pantries, and, most frequently, in our mouths.


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